I'm a visual designer with a focus on branding & user experience design. I work out from my room, in a small house in Karachi, Pakistan, surrounded by multiple art pieces of my own. Art & design inspires me to live each & every moment with colours of admiration & love. 

"All of my art & design work is based on minimalism & expressionism." 

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Wanna Know More?

I have been working in the industry for 5+ years as a visual designer. I started off my journey as textile designer in Karachi, Pakistan. Having to design for big brands like, Alkaram Textile Mills, Orient Textiles and Image Fabrics. I chose to change my career path in 2019 to being a graphic designer in Dubai, UAE, where I can sell off my product with ease and convenience. I started off as a content marketeer then a designer. I designed websites and applications as a front end developer. My choice from glamorous industry to corporate really worked out. Gradually, I was involved & became interested in marketing, therefore I got google certified in digital marketing to enhance my skills. Now I am working to make my ways into enterprise design thinking & solutions for better version of myself in business management. 

My Career is always a work in progress. I have never left arts aside, been painting as a freelancer too!

Inshort, an all rounder, passionately living for what I do best, i.e. ARTS & DESIGN!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+92 312 6948666