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Edhi is a Dubai & Karachi based visual designer and communication/marketing specialist. She is passionate for design and telling visual compelling stories through her work. 'OUT OF CHAOS' is how Edhi positions herself in design world. Designing, thinking and creating for brands through her own crafted lens. 

Working across the international landscape of design through branding, typography editorial and UX 
she helps brands to create the pillars of their identity. Her work is a reflection of her clean, minimalist style paired with dynamic taste. Edhi's approach to design is human-centred, as she seeks bridge the gap between brand and consumer. 

Edhi is proud to work on designs that interact with people's everyday lives - to add something beautiful for users to connect with and strike that moment of awe. 

She recently received her master's degree in Art & Design Management from LUM, School of Management in Italy and most recent works include communication & marketing plan for Super Design Show in Milan & help center design at Daraz - Alibaba Group. 

When she's not designing, Edhi enjoys painting & street photography.


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